Pefura’s Studio: The Lost House

Born in Paris to Cameroonian parents, Maurice Pefura lives and works in Milan. He is an architect by training but has always centered his work on painting and installations

“When we talk about the house what do we say precisely? What is its meaning? What can we understand by a house? Since the prehistoric cave and its hostile exterior, until today, at the time of such important movement of people throughout the world?

We will go in search of THE LOST HOUSE Confronting the issue of the relationship between body and space. Talking of house could be finally talking about ourselves, about our view, our eye, our window, about the viewpoint, our point of view, view of the world, our point of observation when we talk about the world. Formulate a position, build a structure, and assume a position.” Maurice Pefura


The following young artists have been selected and will be participating as apprentice in Maurice Pefura's studio. When international travel allows after the peak of the covid-19 pandemic, they will meet and work on their collective art piece in August 2020 and exhibit during KAB20. At the moment they are interacting online through Zoom and Whatsapp.

Akram Kamya a Ugandan Bachelor graduate in Architecture who is passionate about film and art


Akram Kamya a Ugandan Bachelor graduate in Architecture who is passionate about film and art. He is inspired by movies, as they teach, encourage and entertain. He is an architect by profession with 4 years working experience he has always felt he didn’t belong in the field. He has been looking for images and things that move. Whereas architecture deals with still images mostly, he has been experimenting with motion and animations. He believes animation starts where architecture stops. He is currently at the beginning of a film career and made a decision to fully focus on learning the craft of film making and he now invests his time and energy in film.

Nadunga Alison is a Public Health specialist, an art teacher and an Origamist from Uganda.


Nadunga Alison is a Public Health specialist, an art teacher and an Origamist from Uganda. She believes architecture is the future of literal expression of her career both in art and public health and she would like to explore more through participation in the Master class. She also particapates in KLAART Labs 2020 among many other professional activities that she takes part in. 

Natasha Bezuidenhout is a South African visual artist. 


Natasha Bezuidenhout was born in East London, South Africa in 1991. She holds a B. Tech Degree in Fine Art (cum laude) from Walter Sisulu University. In 2016, she completed a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Art History, receiving The Helen Timm Fine Art Award for her work from Rhodes University. She was selected as a finalist for the Absa L’Atelier and Sasol New Signatures Art Competition (2018). In 2019, she graduated with a Master of Fine Art Degree with distinction from Rhodes University. Bezuidenhout is an alumni of the Arts of Africa and the Global Souths research programme. She currently lecturers N5 Ceramics and Introductory Drawing in the Department of Art and Design at Lovedale TVET College.

Oyetunji Oluwatimilehin is a B.Edu student of Fine & Applied Arts, born in the early 90's in Osun state Nigeria


Oyetunji Oluwatimilehin is a B.Edu student of Fine & Applied Arts, born in the early 90's in Osun state Nigeria. He obtained his first degree in  Adeyemi college of education Ondo, where he specialised in Graphics. Oluwatimileyin is also a pencil artist and recently picked an interest in photography. He likes to capture the beauty of nature and places and different views make him want to explore more.

He has been practicing art for some years and he has featured in a group exhibition tagged "Inside out: Our thoughts as taught."

Priscilla Nakiganda is a Ugandan aged 27, currently living, studying and working in Cologne, Germany.


Priscilla Nakiganda is a Ugandan architecture student, currently living, studying and working in Cologne, Germany.

Over the years she discovered a deep love for the built environment, and she became more critical in trying to understand why people build the way they do and trying to understand what kinds of stories buildings had to tell.

Since then, architecture, urban-planing and environmental-design has been the dream she decided to pursue. She is passionate about art. Over the time in her undergraduate journey so far, she has developed a curiosity and need to understand proportions and dimensions.

She has studied architects and artists such as Le Corbusier, Mies Van der Rohe and Van Gogh in pursuit of understanding how they came up with the concepts and designs they made. She is inspired by each decision a designer hast o make (from the basic-wide rage decisions to the smallest of details) and how this affects the whole picture of the entirety of the finished product, as well as how it is received and experienced by its end users.

Zachariah is a Ugandan architect and designer.  


Zachariah completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Constantine, Zarzara Institute. He has been in active practice, taking part in competitions, expositions,

conferences etc. He participated in Kaira Looro Competition for Design of a Cultural Center in Sedhiou Senegal and is heading the Design Team at Ateier Code 5, a Design Studio in Kamwokya, Kampala. He has directly been engaged in Concept Development and Design of various works of art, including buildings. He worked as the consultant for New OPD at Mukono General  Hospital.

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