Wolf von Kries

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Above all, visual artist Wolf von Kries (1971) is a collector. Random objects, shapes, anecdotes and the like have been accumulated during travels, unplanned meetings, and various other social interactions. Rather than creating new forms, the artist is more interested in rearranging these seemingly unrelated findings in varying combinations.

With an insightful eye he identifies elements from entirely different backgrounds that, once collated according to their formal or functional affinities, gain a new interpretation. Juxtaposing structures of manufactured paraphernalia, natural phenomena and social rituals von Kries seeks to disrupt their accepted classification and to establish a different way to look at our environment (NUN-Berlin).

Wolf von Kries lives and works in Berlin. He has shown at La Ferme du Buisson, France; Galleria Tiziana die Caro, Italy; Tate Modern, London; CEEAC Strasbourg, France; Simultanhalle, Cologne as well as in Berlin at Galerie Metro, MB Prospects, Mikael Andersen and other venues.


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