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Ronex Ahimbisibwe, who is a self professed loner, is also a sculptor/painter/printmaker who was born in Uganda in 1977. His artistic style is a rich, colourful blending of acrylics, basco paints, oils, prints and inks on diverse supports as sisal, canvas, bark cloth, paper, cardboard and woods — mostly rejects. Based in Uganda, he has exhibited his work in Uganda, Tanzania, Germany, the Netherlands and Kenya. He has also been profiled in several magazines and newspapers including New Vision, the Monitor, The Australian Art Review, Rendezvous Magazine, The East African, and Shwandorf Newspaper (Germany.)

“My work is a revelation of my world, the way I see life, what surrounds me, my culture, my conscious, and the magic of the unconscious. I believe the power of an artist lies in creating worlds, nothing more.”