Arts & business forum “KAB LAB”

The creative lab for businesses & organisations.
How does Art help to build bridges?

August 27 – 28th, 2018, Kampala

The Kampala Art Biennale 2018 Arts & Business Forum (KAB LAB) is a special platform, a “Lab” where creativity is celebrated with local organisation and Kampala residents. It is also a valuable network between business leaders in Uganda and potential investors from around the world under the theme of building bridges using art and culture.

KAB LAB aims to create a synergy between local business organisations in the Art Biennale. Creativity is everywhere like Art, School, Companies, Street, Administration, we on a daily basis live it consciously or unconsciously. Creativity is undoubtedly the common concept between all these worlds. Moreover, KAB 18 titled “The Studio” will focus on the symmetrical theme “Learning & Transmission”. In one word we can say “Education” which is arguably one of the most important issues of African countries impacting the future of the economy and business consequently.

Uganda is ranked as one of the best investment destinations in Africa because the country offers the enviable gift of holiday weather all year round and provides a lot of untapped business opportunities in a diversity of sectors of the national economy. This potential will increase more and more due to creativity of local, public and private actors but above all thanks to the large potential of improved educational services that help to strengthen the economy and promote Uganda assets.

KAB LAB 18 is two-day forum with business talks & workshops on “creativity, education and business opportunities in Uganda”, that will provide networking opportunities to a number of foreign investors groups (e.g. NUTIP, JETRO, and EU), Ugandan Investment Authority, local and international businesses (Stanbic Bank, MTN, Total etc.). A jury consisting of local business CEOs and art managers will award a prize to the most creative local art educational project.

Through carefully curated sessions, delegates of the forum will have the opportunity to network with each other, to learn about Ugandan culture, people and markets, how arts and creativity helps to build bridges in business, social responsibility, consumer and knowledge markets, and to develop strategic alliances that may lead to business opportunities and social impact.

The focal point of the KAB LAB will be a high-profile conference, supplemented by networking, meetings, keynote lectures, discussion panels and personal exchange opportunities. Engaging with some of the brightest minds in the art industry will provide stimuli for further thinking. Participants are invited to actively contribute, and even steer, discussions to raise and develop latent capabilities of global and domestic cultural markets. The forum is not simply about absorbing information but to talk ideas through with fellow experts, i.e. ‘talking business’.