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#KAB 20 Studio visits

Visit of EU representative Mrs. Campodonico to MoTIV studios, where the digital teams are located.

This week we will take the public through an online "Behind The Scenes" tour of the digital studios and the geniuses behind the creation of the virtual exhibition spaces. 

We will follow Tribe Uganda based at the Studios at MoTIV as they take us through their processes of collaborating with artists, producers, and a curator to create the virtual experience that is KAB20.

Meet the UX/UI Specialist, back-end developer, gamification expert, animators, interior world creators and texturizors. 

Studio i3 Media - Jonah Elubu

Our first stop in looking at how the virtual space that the KAB20 experience is at i3 Media, a digital consultancy company that handles the initial artist-designers communications and starting to model a visual representation of the artists’ and curator’s vision for the virtual world. We speak with Jonah Elubu who is the Creative Director at i3 Media Group about their role, process of work, and experience in building the virtual world of the KAB20 exhibition.

Studio Tribe Uganda - Ntaate Laurean Pyler

On our second stop looking at the virtual world creation, we are chatting with Ntaate Laurean Pyler the project lead of the design team in KAB20. He is also director of Tribe Uganda. His team uses “texturing”, “rendering” and camera placement as part of the process to make the virtual biennale.

Studio PC Gamers' Hub - Rujumba Martin

We chat with Rujumba Martin the CEO of PC Gamers' Hub Uganda.  After the texturing stage his company comes in to provide rendering equipment in the project. Rendering is the process where the models that have been created of the virtual space are generated into clear images by means of a program software. PC Gamers' Hub is the only company with capacity to provide this scale of rendering services in Uganda.

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