Gosette Diakota Lubondo

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Born in 1993 in Kinshasa (DRC), Gosette Lubondo was early inspired by her father’s work. Being himself a photographer, she rapidly got interested by photography as a studio and art practice. In 2014, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Kinshasa. In 2014, she took part to the collective project and exhibition ‘Lady by Lady’ organised by the Kin ArtStudio. In November 2015, she participated in a parallel residency to the Bamako Photography Encounters in Mali. Gosette is working on developing her photography practices. She is working actively with the Kin ArtStudio and hopes to reach out a broader audience within the contemporary art world.

Gosette finds inspiration in her daily surroundings, in the spatial and individual remnants around. She works at the intersection between past and present, old and new, interrogating ageing sites’ memory. In this serie, she has revived old and non-functioning train wagons, offering representations that question mobility from a structural as much as mental perspective. Rust details on materials, old inscriptions, ruins and silence are central elements in her work. Her pictures are a testimony of the traces left behind, witnessing history and human life’s continuous evolution. Through a thought out and personal staging composition in which she becomes the subject of these representations, she confronts us with the past, yet opening a travelling space with countless possibilities and perspectives.

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