Why the European Union is committed to promoting Arts & Culture in Uganda

Ambassador/Head of Delegation
European Union Delegation to Uganda

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The European Union (EU) is one of Uganda's main partners engaged in a number of areas, ranging from political dialogue to trade relations, from support to regional connectivity, to art and culture.

Although the covid-19 pandemic has imposed a slow-down of all activities, it has not impacted the EU's firm commitment to support Uganda in its endeavor to advance its development agenda.

The EU and its Member States stand beside Uganda in addressing the covid-19 emergency.

As soon as the restrictions are lifted, and in compliance with the instructions of the Ugandan authorities, we will be delighted to resume the work with AfriArt Gallery for the Fourth Edition of the Kampala Art Biennale (KAB) in 2020.

The KAB is not only an occasion to talk about art from the aesthetic and creative point of view; it also presents opportunities for building new jobs around art and for empowerment, particularly for young people, in the creative spaces. The arts remain an important vehicle to communicate, reflect and learn in a non-conventional yet very effective way.

Now, more than ever, art provides a much-needed space to reflect on life, community, and our place in the world. This edition of the KAB20 includes an important new feature: arts workshops, targeting vulnerable youth, will be organized to promote intercultural and community dialogue. The goal is to improving young people's self-awareness about their role in the society as rights holders but also duty bearers.

On the other hand, similarly to the previous edition of 2018 –supported also by the EU - the KAB20 will provide young artists with the opportunity to learn as apprentices of 8 internationally renowned artists. The joint masters/apprentices work will result in the creation of the original artworks expected to be exhibited in Kampala in August 2020 – or later, if deemed necessary due to health restrictions.

I profoundly hope that the covid-19 emergency will soon be over with no further sufferings and fear, and will allow the rescheduling of the KAB20 as well as other activities.

Stay safe!



Ambassador / Head of Delegation

European Union Delegation to Uganda


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