Tshabangu’s Studio: History is the home address

Andrew Tshabangu is a South-African photographer, born in Soweto in 1966. His photography has been exhibited internationally in various exhibitions. Tshabangu is renowned for his surreal smoky lighting, documenting the rituals of black communities in urban Africa. 

I am often asked Andrew, where is your studio ?" and my reply in most cases is "The streets are my studio".

In response to Maestro Simon Njami's task for Kampala Biennial  2020 "Get up-Stand up', I propose to appropriate Mongani Wally Serote title of his book of poetry "History is the home address ". During the course, the streets of Kampala are going to be our Studio.

In these streets, we must discover the address of human hope that will encourage us to "Get-up and Stand-up" whatever the cost.

 In a more and more competitive and globalized art world, I propose to help the participants give birth to these new and necessary objects, whether these objects are of pure forms or pure concepts or an ibridation of both.

The very pragmatic aim of the workshop is to help the participants produce works that allow them to align their inner selves, their deepest convictions, with the stakes of a career strategy. The workshop will be based alternatively on the case studies of some of my works (and on how they were given birth), and on the reviewing of the participants' recent personal works. In order to enable the participants to bring out what is both unique, universal and indispensable in their art, we will work on identifying, structuring and consolidating the personal, social and political issues that underlie their artistic production.