Cohen’s Studio : How to create truly original works

Arnaud Cohen is a French contemporary artist, sculptor and visual artist born January 28, 1968, in Paris, France.

The world is oversaturated with interchangeable images and objects that are often disposable. Generation after generation the only artworks that remain are the ones that were both truly new and necessary.

In a more and more competitive and globalized art world, I propose to help the participants give birth to these new and necessary objects, whether these objects are of pure forms or pure concepts or an ibridation of both.

The very pragmatic aim of the workshop is to help the participants produce works that allow them to align their inner selves, their deepest convictions, with the stakes of a career strategy. The workshop will be based alternatively on the case studies of some of my works (and on how they were given birth), and on the reviewing of the participants' recent personal works. In order to enable the participants to bring out what is both unique, universal and indispensable in their art, we will work on identifying, structuring and consolidating the personal, social and political issues that underlie their artistic production.