Call for Participants – Critical Art Writing Workshop

The KAB18 Art Education Programme will focus on critical art writing. In order to develop a vibrant art industry, there must be Artists, Galleries, Art Critics, Art Collectors and Museums.

Developing critical writing about art helps us understand art as a medium of communication. We believe that the younger generation, if nurtured and guided, will become tomorrow’s art critics and writers.

The education programme will take the form of a workshop which will be an introduction to art writing and will use as material the Kampala Biennale, with its exhibitions, artists, and guests from the cultural sector. The participants will write pieces about the artworks at the Biennale.

The main objective of this programme is to learn how to observe works of art, to question how they are elaborated, to interview artists and to place the works in an artistic movement. But it is also to learn how to place oneself as spectator; sensible and capable of critique.

The programme will be conducted by Mr. En Liang Khong, arts writer and cellist. En Liang Khong is assistant digital editor at frieze, a leading arts magazine. His writing on politics and art has been published in Prospect, Financial Times, Times Literary Supplement, Los Angeles Review of Books, The New Statesman, The Daily Telegraph and The New Inquiry.

Follow En Liang on Twitter: @en_khong

Read some of Mr Liang’s art reviews here.

The opportunity

This call for participants goes out to art writers, journalism students, journalists, artists and art enthusiasts between the ages of 18 and 35 years with an interest in art journalism and critic.

Interested applicants should fill in the online application below before 12 August 2018.

The workshop will take place in Kampala from 22nd -25th August 2018.

Limited spaces are available.