Sheila Nakitende

Sheila Nakitende, The Deliverables Remain Physical, proposed installation KAB16.   Sheila Nakitende  - I am contented, 88.9 x 151.1 cm, Waste Paper installation, 2013

Sheila Nakitende (1983) is a fulltime Ugandan visual artist. She graduated from Margaret Trowell School of Industrial, Fine Arts and Design (MUK) in 2005. Nakitende’s arts practice ranges from visual arts to performance with experience from gallery curatorial practice, coordinating arts projects, participating in local and international artist workshops, residencies & exhibitions. This has influenced her role and growth as an artist.

Her artworks are inspired by the sacred book of her religion, preaching self-belief and optimism through the eyes of oneself. This motivates her progression and transformation ranging from technique, subject and situation.