KAB 18 Programme

May – August 2018
Workshops in Kampala for Masters and students

The seven Masters each spend 10 days in Kampala with students from Uganda
and from all over the world, selected through an open call.

August 24th – 31st , 2018- Opening week

Art Exhibitions in Studios, Art Spaces and Public Spaces, from the opening week until September 24th, 2018. A Symposium about Transmission, in partnership with international Universities during the opening week.
Publication of the catalogue from August 1st 2018

Education programme
August-September 2018 – Educational programme

During KAB16, our educational programme focused on children. In partnership with the City of Kampala, 300 students participated in painting workshops, expressing themselves by following the theme of the second edition : “Mobilities”. They drew and painted their city.

The KAB18 Art Education Programme will focus on art critique. In order to develop a vibrant art industry, there must be Artists, Galleries, Art Critiques, Art Collectors and Museums. Developing critical writing about art helps us understand art as a medium of communication. We believe that the younger generation if nurtured and guided will make tomorrow’s art critiques and writers. KAB18 will carry out art journalism workshops in Kampala, the group will be composed of approximately 20 participants, selected trough a call and according to their writing skills and their interest in art.

KAB LAB – Business Forum

August 27 – 28th, 2018 – A Forum for Investors in Uganda: Culture and business:
How does Art help to build bridges?