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Why the European Union is committed to promoting arts and culture in Uganda

“The European Union (EU) is one of Uganda’s main partners engaged in a number of areas, ranging from political dialogue to trade relations, from support to regional connectivity, to aid to development. With the ultimate goal of increasing job opportunities for the Ugandan population, especially the young people, EU aid is directed mainly towards two focal sectors: Good Governance and Inclusive Green Economy. One of the untapped economic areas in Uganda is the culture sector, despite the overflowing of talent and the richness of the country in terms of heritage and creative expression. Within the European Union, for example, the creative industry is contributing significantly to the EU social fabric and to the economic growth through a green and inclusive dimension. The EU in Uganda is thus committed to work with the Ugandan partners to promote culture as a promising sector for investment and growth.

We are delighted to support the Fourth Edition of the Kampala Art Biennale (KAB) in 2020, just as we did with the Third Edition in 2018, which was organized in the context of celebrating the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

The KAB is not only an occasion to talk about art from the aesthetic and creative point of view; it also presents opportunities for building new jobs around art and for empowerment, particularly for young people, in the creative spaces. The arts remain an important vehicle to communicate, reflect and learn in a non-conventional yet very effective way.

Similar to the previous edition, the KAB20 is providing young artists with the opportunity to learn as apprentices of 8 internationally renowned artists. The joint masters/apprentices work will result in the creation of the original artworks that will be exhibited in Kampala in August 2020.

This edition includes an important additional feature: arts workshops, targeting vulnerable youth, will be organized to promote intercultural/community dialogue. The goal is to improving youth self-awareness about their role in the society as rights holders but also duty bearers.

It is therefore my pleasure to invite you to the KAB20 and discover the deep meaning behind the creative works that will be on exhibition.

– Attilio PACIFICI Ambassador/Head of Delegation European Union Delegation to Uganda


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