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The Institut français is in charge of implementing France’s cultural action abroad. The agency was set up by the July 27, 2010 French Foreign Cultural Action Act and its enabling decree of December 30, 2010.  Under the supervision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, its role is to act as the conduit for a new, more ambitious “diplomacy of influence”, within the framework of French governmental policies and priorities. It will help to promote French influence abroad through greater dialogue with foreign cultures, while responding to the needs of France via a policy of listening, partnership and openness to other cultures. The Institut français replaces the Culturesfrance association, with the legal status of a “Public Industrial and Commercial Undertaking”.



IFA(Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e.V.) is the oldest German institution for international cultural and educational exchange. It is funded by the Federal Foreign Office, the State of Baden-Württemberg and the State Capital of Stuttgart. The ifa is committed to a peaceful and enriching coexistence of people and cultures worldwide.



Turkish Airlines is the national flag carrier airline of Turkey, headquartered at the Turkish Airlines General Management Building on the grounds of Atatürk Airport in Yeşilköy, Bakırköy, Istanbul. Turkish Airlines, one of the most preferred leading European air carrier with global network coverage thanks to its strict compliance with flight safety, reliability, product line, service quality and competitiveness while maintaining its identity as the flag carrier of Turkey.





Nile Breweries Limited, brand owner of Nile Gold was established in 1951 by a group of businessmen, associated with the Construction of Owen Falls Dam. A leading Asian-Ugandan entrepreneur Muljibhai Madhvani and Company bought and managed it from 1957 till 1972, when Idi Amin expelled Asians from Uganda. It remained a state enterprise until 1992 when the Uganda government divested itself under a wide-ranging privatization programme. Nile Breweries was returned to the Madhvani Group. In 1997, the Madhvani Group went into partnership with South Africa Breweries Ltd (SAB), with the latter acquiring a 40% stake. It was a happy marriage, quickly leading to SAB Ltd fully acquiring NBL in July 2001. In May 2002, SAB acquired Miller Brewing Company in the USA, thus forming SABMiller plc. SABMiller plc is the world’s 2nd largest brewer with interests in over 75 countries. With the commissioning of the Mbarara plant, the capacity of Nile Breweries Limited now stands at 2.4 million hectoliters, making NBL the No 1 provider of locally produced beer in Uganda.

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Afriart Gallery is a focal point of Kampala’s artistic community and provides a wonderful space to experience the exquisite art of Uganda. Afriart gallery seeks to enrich the knowledge of its visitors about contemporary African art and provide the most varied selection for the enthusiastic art collector in the gallery’s permanent collection. Apart from exhibitions Afriart has launched some exciting products and initiatives, ranging from our new Art Education Programme to an art shop, art consultancies and framing services.  The gallery was founded in 2002 by art director Daudi Karungi. It is a leading private art gallery in Uganda focusing on the promotion of contemporary art from Uganda and the East African region as well as forging collaborations among artists in Africa and beyond. The gallery has showcased over 110 Ugandan artists whose artworks have also been featured in major international exhibitions, art auctions, Biennales, and art fairs.

Belgium Embassy in Uganda

The Belgium Embassy in Uganda






The Embassy of Ireland. As well as carrying out political, trade and consular functions, the Embassy manages Ireland’s development programme in Uganda (Irish Aid). The Irish Aid programme has been running since 1994 and focuses on supporting Uganda’s growth and poverty reduction plans so that the poor benefit from, and contribute to, equitable economic, social and environmental development. To achieve the programme’s goal, our team works with a variety of partners, including government agencies, other donors, UN institutions, research centres and civil society organisations.

The French Embassy in Uganda. The Cooperation and Culture Service designs and implements with partners programs to support civil society, to promote French language and French-speaking cultures, scientific and academic cooperation. The Service also monitors humanitarian issues and provides support to mobilize the programmed food aid. These actions contribute to reinforcing partnerships between France and Uganda. The Cooperation and Culture service works closely with the Alliance Française of Kampala for cultural activities. 

The U.S. Embassy in Uganda. With their Ugandan partners, the U.S. Government strives to promote democracy and human rights, ensure regional stability, support health initiatives, and spur economic growth and development.  Through all U.S. Government agencies, Uganda received over $760 million in U.S. assistance in 2015. This aid enables Ugandans to build a better future for themselves and their children. Working together, we can achieve our shared vision of a peaceful, prosperous, healthy, democratic Uganda. The Mission is composed of several offices and organizations all working under the auspices of the Embassy and at the direction of the Ambassador.


Makss Packaging Industries Ltd is one of the leading producers of corrugated cardboard boxes mainly for the export-oriented sectors in Uganda. Makss Packaging Industries Ltd are committed to providing quality packaging to dealers in floraculture, horticulture, fish and other locally made products. Any design, any type, any print, MAKSS is your one stop packaging shop!


The Ministry of Culture, Republic of Congo ( also known as Congo-Brazzaville).  The Republic of Congo is a country of rich cultural diversity with unlimited opportunities in trade, investment, human capital and tourism. Congo is fast becoming a model of development in Central Africa characterized by a dynamic and growing economy, political stability, a commitment to democracy and respect for the rule of law.


Peacock paints limited was founded in August 1988 by Mr.Kaddu Kiberu. It started it’s operations on plot 95,6th street Industrial Area, equipment and premises formally owned by Kwality paints Limited. At the time of its founding, most of the paints sold and used in Uganda were all imported from our neighbors in Kenya, Uganda was just recovering from the political turmoil of the early 1980s thus construction activities in the country depended on imported materials. Having overcome a number of challenges at that time, Peacock Paints Limited moved to premises owned by a sister company on plot 56,6th street Industrial Area. Peacock Paints Limited has continued to serve the market with new products to suit the demands of the market in different service sectors to date. We focus at customer satisfaction through extending relevant product knowledge, offering good quality and standardized products at competitive and affordable rates.

Institutional & cultural partners

The project is inclusive and benefits from the participation of cultural structures based and active in Kampala. They will be instrumental in the setting up of programmes with the national art scene: workshops, master classes and residencies to further accompany the invited artists in the development of their creative projects.

Institutional Partners


Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA)’s vision is for Kampala to be vibrant, attractive and sustainable city. Its mission is to deliver quality services to the city’s inhabitants in core values of excellence, integrity, innovativeness, teamwork and client care. KCCA will help in coordinating of the educational programme at 25 KCCA Schools in the 5 Divisions.



As the region’s oldest socio-economic binding asset, Rift Valley Railways currently operates a railway track network linking the shores of the Indian Ocean to the agriculturally rich hinterland of the Kenya Highlands and into Kampala, Uganda on the shores of Lake Victoria in a 25-year concession agreement originally signed in 2006. RVR’s Purpose is to transform lives in Africa with every move.  For the Kampala Art Biennale they will provide us with exhibition space at the Kampala Railway Station located in the city center.

Cultural Partners


The Goethe-Zentrum Kampala/ Ugandan German Cultural Society is an apolitical and non-profit organisation (cultural society) based in Kampala. It is a cooperation partner of the Goethe-Institut that yearly supports the projects of the cultural society with financial help. Our core tasks consist in the promotion of German- Ugandan relationships and in the building of a platform for the intercultural dialogue in Kampala and with other African countries. We seek this by offering cultural events and German classes. Goethe Zentrum/UGCS provides securing venues for exhibitions and spaces for workshops within the Institute and at partner locations
- securing event technical material (projectors, microphones, cameras and videocams, computers, sound systems etc.), and support for on-site production, logistics and personnel.

32o EAST

32o East is a centre for the creation and exploration of contemporary Ugandan art.
Based in the capital, Kampala, 32o East aims to provide the arts community with the information, resources and exposure needed to raise the profile of Ugandan Art to a national and international level. 32o East is a facilitator of KLA ART, an evolving platform for visual artists to showcase new work in Kampala, Uganda. 32 East provides artists studios, and a workshop venue.


Makerere Art Gallery was founded in 1969 as exhibition space for the growing collection of art works by faculty and students of the renowned Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts. This collection, gathered from the early days of the art school in the 1940s, is today the only historic collection of modern Ugandan art. Since Uganda does not have a National Gallery of Art or any comparable institution with a mandate to collect artworks, the university collection is filling this gap. The art collection is a unique resource for local, national, and international researchers. Makerere Art Gallery provides an art gallery for exhibitions, studios, rooms for workshops, students for participation.



The Uganda Museum is a museum in Kampala, Uganda, which displays and exhibits collections of ethnology, natural-history and traditional life relating to Uganda’s cultural heritage. The museum was founded in 1908 after George Wilson called for «all articles of interest» on Uganda to be procured. Among the collections in the Uganda Museum are musical instruments, hunting equipment, weaponry, archaeology and entomology. Uganda Museum provides an exhibition space, venue for talks and workshops, video display & spaces for outdoor installations.



The Alliance Française in Kampala encourages and promotes active, open connections between people in Uganda and French language and culture. It provides the means by which people can learn the French language and become engaged in the many different aspects of French culture including art, books, poetry, film, history, contemporary affairs, thoughts and ideas. It provides the opportunity for friends of French language and culture to come together in an apolitical, non-religious and welcoming environment. Alliance Francaise provides a venue for talks, film screenings, and a small room for an exhibition.



The Uganda National Cultural Centre (UNCC) is a Ugandan statutory body that was established by the Uganda National Cultural Centre Act, a 1959 Act of Parliament (amended 1965). The Centre has two main components: the National Theatre and the Nommo Gallery, both of which are located in central Kampala. The National Theatre provides a venue for stage performances of different kinds, and also serves as a cinema; the Nommo Gallery features exhibitions of works of art by both Ugandan and foreign artists. The National Theater provides a venue for talks, performance, outdoor screenings, and outdoor installations.
 Nommo Gallery provides a venue for talks, art exhibitions, and outdoor installations.

Les Ateliers Sahm


LES ATELIERS SAHM is created by the visual artist Bill Kouélany and was established from a vision of a broken home, an unfinished architecture, a life destroyed transforming through art in a beautiful ruin, in a work of art: writing, simply, a life, life, both and changing, still under construction. Who builds, builds, rebuilds …

Les Atelier Sahm is a cultural platform of the visual arts and also open to literature, theater, cinema, music. This structure is designed to encourage art & creation in Congo.
The emphasis is on youth training. Youth as the foundation of all possible nations imaginable.


Iwalewahaus was founded in 1981 and its mission is to research, document and teach contemporary culture in Africa. The focus is on modern and contemporary arts and music, everyday culture, media and the archive.

Specials Thanks

  • Simon Njami , a writer, independent curator, art critic, essayist and lecturer.
Co-founder of the REVUE NOIRE.
  • Caroline Hancock, independent curator, writer and editor.
  • Sybille Roquebert, head of the production of La Ferme du Buisson
  • Olivia Anani, freelance curator
  • On The Roof
  • Elvira Dyangani Ose, freelance curator and lecturer at Goldsmith University
  • Christine Eyene & Eye on Art
  • Christopher Yggdre co-founder of l’agence à Paris
  • Delfina Foundation
  • University of Lancaster / Mobility Lab
  • Mobile Forum Lives
  • Chimurenga
  • Artes Mundi
  • Iniva